English Gardens

The British passion for gardening has produced some of the finest gardens in the world. Throughout history, the landed gentry have amused themselves by creating gardens on a grand scale. But the obsession with gardens is by no means limited to the aristocracy. The evidence of its widespread appeal is almost everywhere you look, from the tumbling cottage gardens in a Cotswold village to the carefully tended borders of a town park. Many people take such pride in their gardens that they open them to the public… some year round, others for just a day or two each year. As a result, the range of gardens on show in Britain today is an extraordinary reflection of her cultural heritage. Styles range from the formal gardens of the Elizabethan era, characterized by their geometric designs of clipped yew and box, mazes and topiary, to the carefully constructed “natural” landscapes of the 18th-century Romantic Movement led by such pioneers as “Capability” Brown. Our tour of town and country will take you to great English gardens large and small, to give you an opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of which the English are so justly proud. Please phone for trip dates and detailed itineraries.

Antique Hunting and London’s Grosvenor House Fair

Britain, with her rich history and assiduous preservation of tradition, is a veritable paradise for the antique lover. On display in her ancient castles, cathedrals and stately homes are magnificent collections of fine art and antiques, where visitors have unparalleled opportunities to study, admire and enjoy a tremendous wealth of styles, periods and fashions. For the collector, too, excitement abounds. On our travels through southern England, we’ll take you from the extensive auction rooms of Sotheby’s Summers Palace to the world renowned Art & Antiques Fair at Grosvenor House, from the bustling antique markets in London to the pristine showrooms in the quaint villages of Sussex and the Cotswolds. Everywhere we go, you’ll find experts and reputable dealers who will more than happy to help you find just the right addition for your own magnificent collection! Please phone for trip dates and detailed itineraries. for antiquing page Each season Scout focuses on a new destination to feature through it’s selection of items for the home and garden, as well as it’s collection of specialty tours