oh_boyOh Boy

Form follows function. Agreed. But why let function negate form? Somewhere along the line, utilitarian became downright offensive. So often everyday things we need, buy and use are, well, ugly. Nasty ugly, to be honest.

Oh Boy, Artifacts take day-today objects to a new level of sophistication, where form and function coexist peacefully and support each other both physically and emotionally. Sound utopian? Trust us. It is. Oh Boy, Artifacts are books, publications, notebooks, journals, wrapping paper, stationary even housewares– all designed with use and user in mind. Remember, our possessions are a reflection of ourselves. Be choosy. And once you have tasted the Oh Boy difference, you’ll find yourself asking of all the others, “Is this worth the paper it’s printed on?”

snowSnow & Graham

Snow & Graham is the collaborative effort of Chicago-base designers, Ebony Snow Hurr and Amy Graham Stigler. Having met at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, the two have combined their eye for design with a nose for business to great success. Since their inception in 1998, the pair have been design and producing exquisite stationary for individual clients and high- profile companies alike.